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2020 Order Form: Packages. Nuc's and Queens.
City, State
5 Frame Nuc with Qneen   ......
3# Package with Queen............
Queen's for pickup...…………...
  Complete Hives with bee's ......

@ $170.00 ea. 
@ $120.00 ea.  
@ $ 35.00 ea.
@ $350.00 ea.  
Upon receiving your order, we will send you an email with instructions as to total amount due and tenitive pickup date, etc. When we receive your payment, we will send you a email receipt "payment in full and confirm pickup date".
The pickup date for Nuc's and Packages have a 2 week plus or minus range. This is due to uncontrollable spring weather conditions. You will be notified when your order is ready "if it is other than your pickup date."  We strive to have your order ready on or before your pickup date.      

( must have email address to confirm order )
"Bottom board, Brood chamber w/bee's,  
  innercover and Telescoping top"
Your 5 frame Nuc comes in a white waxed cardboard nuc box with two large ventilating windows.
After transferring nuc to permanent hive, this nuc box
is great as a swarm trap. 

Pickup Dates: April 25 and May 2, 2020
5 Frame "Med Depth" Nuc w/Qn.

@ $170.00 ea. 
New complete Shallow and Medium supers with frames and foundation. Pickup Only..$26.00 

10 Frame Supers ………………..
 @ $26.00 ea        Pickup only